How To Setup A Yahoo email Address

Having an email account is almost as important as have a cell phone in today’s world. However, many are reluctant to take the first step, as they fear it may be too difficult or afraid of making a mistake.

Today’s email is much simpler to set up. It’s not like you have to be a programmer. Unlike the old UNIX, mail systems. Setting up email online today couldn’t be easier to do.

Today we’ll show you just how easy it is by setting one up for you on the popular Yahoo platform.

When you have finished seeing what we have to show you. You’ll be able to do the same with ease.

So let’s get started with the where to go.

The first thing to do is to get there
This is simply done by pointing your browser here.

The graphics are nice and pleasing and all you do is choose a username.

Everything is laid out and directs you to this one simple act.

Just type you username in

Then press the GO radio button to the right of your name.

Next, just add a few details
Passwords are very important and you should take the time to choose a unique one. Preferably with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Yes, this may be hard to remember. But, this is where most people mess up as they use common information. But this, hackers know all too well. They have an entire database of these common elements that they use to break into you account. So don’t make it easy for them.

Fill in what you want and save the rest for later
First name is mandatory along with a password.

I leave out personal information. In this, case my birthday and phone number. After filling it in and click the Create Account button at the bottom of the screen.

Unfortunately, they no longer permit you to be anonymous
You must enter a phone # and, at least, a birthday. NSA perhaps wants to check in with you? 🙂

Corrected Info:

BTW, I lied…

The obligatory Human Check

This is where most people have the most trouble as this check is made to stop automated Bots from setting up bogus accounts. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for people to do it as well.

Try #2.

After a few more go-rounds with this, it was finally accepted.

They really want to get hold of you for some reason

I personally don’t want text messages on my dime cluttering up my in box thank you.

After you do enter, your mobile number they approve you and you have your account all setup and are happy.

You can now send and receive emails and many other functions that the new Yahoo mail provides.

How to setup an AOL email address in 2017

To create an AOL email address, you’ll first need to create an AOL account. You’ll need to provide some basic information like your name, gender, and date of birth. Then you’ll need to choose your desired user name and preferred password. Once you create an account, you’ll be able to start adding your contacts and adjusting your mail settings.

Setting up an AOL email account

1. Go to

2. Click on Get a Free Screen Name to go to the next page.

3. The Create your account form will appear. Here you’ll need to fill out the required information, such as name, chosen email address, birthdate, postcode, etc.

4. When choosing your password, remember to follow the security tips that appear when clicking on the password box as these will ensure that you meet the criteria for the password security.

5. Re-type your password in the Confirm password box, make sure that it is the same as the password you chose in the box above as this is letter sensitive and you won’t be able to sign up if they don’t match.

6. Choose your security question. You’ll need to choose something you can easily remember the answer to. In this instance, the user has chosen their mother’s maiden name, as it’s something they can easily remember. Please remember to follow the special notes that appear for the answer.

7. You will be asked for your mobile number and alternative email address. This is so that should you lose access to your account, you can regain it, it is highly recommended that you add both of these in order to ensure that you always have access to your account.

9. Click on the Web Services Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy links below the alternative email in order to read through them.

10. Click on Sign Up.

Congratulations! You now have your AOL account.

How to create a gmail account in 2017

Setting up a Gmail account can be an easy process that most can do within a matter of minutes, enabling them to get a reliable and relatively simple to use email address for all their daily needs. This guide will walk you through the steps of easily setting up your own personal Gmail account.
The first thing you need to do when getting a Gmail account is to go to . If you don’t have a Gmail address already this will take you to the Gmail sign in page where you are given the option to sign in or create an account in the top right corner of the page.
The next step is to click on the Create an account button located in the top right corner of the page, this will take you to the first step of creating your personal Gmail email address. (see the red arrow in the above picture in order to see where you need to click)
When you’ve gotten to the create an account page you will need to fill out the needed information in a form with your information in order to create your account.
The information needed to create your account is:

  • First and last name
  • Chosen username
  • The password you would like to use
  • Your Birthday
  • Your gender

Once you have filled out all needed information you need to type in the text verification and then the final thing that you need to do is to click the Next Step button located at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the button pointed to by the red arrow in the image below will take you to the Gmail welcome page.
At the Gmail welcome page all you need to do is read the page and then click Continue to Gmail. At this point you now have your own personal Gmail account ready to be used for your day to day internet browsing, your work, and your family emails.
Now Gmail will give you some helpful information to get started and you can begin using your email as you wish, customizing your page and setting filters to make sure that you only get the emails you want to receive, and all others are filtered out in order to clear spam. Once you finish with the help (or exit the help page if you don’t want to deal with it) you are completely set up and ready to go!

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