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There are plenty of options out there to create email address, but the first choice you have to make is, to pay or not to pay?

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Choosing a free email address

– There are lots of easy free sign up services available if you just want a bog standard email to send and receive mail from your friends and family etc.

You will have heard of a few of the names that I will review in future articles but don’t let the famous name dazzle you into choosing their service, there are much better services out there that can cater to your specific email requirements.
Good examples of these extra requirements include; emailing to sms, sms to email, email to fax and so on. A lot of companies will charge you for this privilege but almost all of them will give you a free trial of around 100 emails. With these kinds of offers available there really is no need for the casual user to ever pay a penny to get what they want from an email service, although if you choose to do so, the more basic features (like the ones I listed above) are pretty cheap, (less than a couple of cents for around 10 emails).
create email address

Paying to Create Email Address

– A lot of people don’t realize the things that can be done with email, it is not simply a text message from your computer or a way to send that super cool youtube video you saw to your mates at work.

Email can actually be a really powerful business tool that if utilized properly can bring in new customers, sell new products and services to existing customers. Keep people up to date with what your business has been up to lately as well as future plans.
I would recommend that if you plan to use email as a marketing tool for your business to pay for a specific service and to make sure that it provides everything that you need from it. There are lots of options out there and I will review some of my personal favourites in the next article.
Another solution to your email problems, if you do not want to use a free service is to purchase a domain for yourself and get some hosting, this comes with a lot of options such as setting up a lot of email addresses for different departments or members of staff.


If you choose the last option (buying your own domain) I recommend HostGator, click on my affiliate page and get 25% off over there by entering the discount code “createemailaddress”!

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