Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

What are email marketing services

If you are looking for a company to take care of your email marketing services then I highly recommend Leeds Marketing, they are small company based in Leeds in the UK but are highly capable and very thorough. I hired them recently and to say the least they exceeded my expectations by far. They designed an email campaign for me that would run over 3 months, during that time I would sell 3 products (based on their plan) and the conversion rate was way higher than anything I have seen before. They came up with a great plan, put it into action with no work from myself and all I had to do was send them the content that they required for the emails. Cheap too 🙂

If you are involved in any business that sells a product or provides a service, then you are going to be aware of email marketing, it is one of the hot topics of the moment, all the marketing talk seems to be about it and being in the marketing industry myself, I would have to agree with the Email marketing services hype.

Why you need email marketing services

The reason for this is that customers have grown a sort of immunity to other forms of advertising than email marketing services, all of the one to many media platforms that have made telling people about your products and services so easy in the past are buckling under the pressure of being too familiar, people no longer need to watch adverts on television, it is far too easy to pause and fast forward to just watch the content you want. When people receive direct mail through their letter box, it is far too easy to see what is “spam” and just throw it away. Radio, hahaha.

email marketing services

I have recently found a product that explains how to get a great conversion rate on your emails, it details a lot of stats over the past few years and tells you how to use email marketing to your advantage Click Here! to check it out.

In the modern age of the internet, iPhones and tablet computers you need to get your message in front of your customers faces, and the best way to do this is via email. For example, I have my iPhone set up to receive email from 3 different mail accounts, this means that anytime I get an email, my phone tells me and I check it. I can’t help it, it is way too convenient, I now look t every single email I receive because it is convenient, I never used to do this when I had to login to every account individually on my computer.

If you can provide a valuable message in your email to your customers then they will click what you put at the bottom, be it affiliate links, or links to your website, maybe a link to a particular service that you have launched recently, whatever it is, if your email is valuable and relevant, people will click what is at the bottom (NOTE: it doesn’t have to be the bottom, can be anywhere really) as long as it is accessible and a call to action then your sales will increase no end.

Now obviously because we are a world of lazy people, we do not want to email each of our clients individually, some of may not even want to do it in bulk. That is where email marketing services come in. These types of services will hold your email list (that some of them will even help you to create) and email them on your command, you can even set the time and date to send it.

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My favourite feature of the service that I use personally (AWeber) is the time delayed sending, for example, if you have a training course that you sell online, and the lessons have to be learned in a particular then you can set the service to send a predefined email series at regular intervals. (Lesson 1 immediately after they join your mailing list, lesson 2 3 days later and so on).

In fact like AWeber so much I am not even going to mention any other services. It is cheap, and will create a banner for your website to let people sign up to your email mailing list.

Check out their free trial below.

Honestly the ebook above paired with Aweber is a lethal combination. The book shows you what to put in your emails, when the best time and day to send them is and Aweber will take of all of the sending needs, including letting you stack emails with a time and date so that they can be delivered automatically, it’s an awesome way to automate your email marketing services.

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